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What Shopify Has in Store for Developers in 2024

Shopify is at the vanguard of this constantly shifting e-commerce setting, continually developing to help both developers and merchants. You’re going to have a busy year in 2024 as a Shopify developer! 


Several changes are expected this year, 2024, that will enhance your Shopify store development service experience, optimise processes, and open up fresh possibilities to build next-generation storefronts. So, Developer, are you ready for it? Then, let’s have a look at what Shopify offers you this year. 

Hydrogen Release in March 2024: Vite, {Env Push}, And Github Deploy Remarks 

Hydrogen will begin providing new features and improvements on the initial week of every month starting in March 2024.


The release for this month includes:


  • Encouragement for Vite via experiments.
  • A new command to upload neighbourhood variables to Oxygen from the command line is env push_ _unstable.
  • Once Oxygen creates an initial deployment on your connected storefront, you can leave comments on GitHub PRs.
  • Additions to Remix v2.8, new example apps, and performance improvements are also included.

New Headless Courses And Certifications From Shopify Academy

Technical learning pathways centred within custom stores allow you to choose your adventure:


  • Two free courses to polish your Liquid and Theme basics skills, along with best practices for testing and optimising a theme to ensure performance and accessibility, are offered in the Liquid Storefronts for Theme Developers path.
  • Four free courses are offered in Headless @ Shopify for Developers to help you prepare, implement, and optimise a custom storefront by teaching you about Shopify’s headless framework, tools, and hosting choices.


After finishing each study path, take a certification exam to prove you have new skills and knowledge.


Developer Spotlight: Stikky Increases Mobile Commerce With Shopify’s Checkout Sheet Kit  

Developers of mobile applications can now integrate the most customisable, high-converting one-page checkout in the world into their apps with just a few lines of code via Shopify’s new Checkout Sheet Kit.


Co-founder of Stikky Sebastian Hennig shares a story of how the business improved its mobile checkout process and increased conversion by 15% while using less code thanks to the early adoption of the Checkout Sheet Kit.

The Developer Preview Now Offers Storefront API Defer Directive  

Introducing the Storefront API defer directive developer preview. We would appreciate contacting you if you are currently using the Storefront API.


Introducing the Storefront API defer directive developer preview. We would appreciate contacting you if you are currently using the Storefront API.


A GraphQL query can have its portions prioritised by using the defer directive, which avoids the need for extra calls to retrieve the remaining data. By using delayed directives, you reduce user wait times while enhancing efficacy by gradually fetching the most important data.

Bottom Line 

So, Congratulations. If you are a developer, then it’s time to leverage all of these features to enhance your development skills. 


This is particularly useful when using resource-intensive data or when you have fields that aren’t required for the initial page render. Try it out and comment below with your thoughts.


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