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Top Five Most Expensive IOS Applications On The App Store In 2024.

It should come as no surprise that the mobile app business is growing at a blistering pace considering that there are over 6.5 billion active smartphone users worldwide. Also, there are no signs that app usage or adoption of smartphones will drop heavily in the future.


Ever observed the rate at which people check their cell phones? We bet you’ve seen that almost everyone’s attention is set on their mobile devices. 75% of Americans don’t feel comfortable leaving their phones at home. 


Quick social check-ins, watching funny YouTube videos, and responding to business emails are just a few reasons why Americans spend over 4 hours and 25 minutes on their phones every day; when this time is broken up over a year, the total will be approximately 65 days (over two months) annually in 2023. And there’s no evidence that the scrolling lifestyle is going away.


Now let’s explore with us what the best, most expensive app that steals that heart of people nowadays. 

Top Five Most Expensive Apps On The App Store 

Here are the list of app that are most expensive on the app store which are following: 


For those who like the piano, CyberTuner is a tuning software program. Dean Reyburn, who is not an expert developer, generated this software in 2012 to help tune pianos faster and more accurately. Dean Reyburn, an expert piano tuner, who tuned many pianos with his sense of hearing and the tuning hammer.


CyberTuner is powered by AI and can do 6,000 tests every second. An annual membership also includes enhanced multi-language help that may give technical advice and help with any issues.


Despite it being costly , the application gives piano professionals an original value that allows them to tune pianos quicker and accurately than they might if they relied just on ear instruction. Also, users have to pay a monthly membership fee and incur further upgrade charges, making CyberTuner the most costly program in the world.



Verituner dates back to 2001, when the Verituner 100, a privately owned mobile tuning device, was launched. In 2011, Verituner brought this tuning method to iPhones, iPods, and iPads.


The program finds inharmonicity using the following features: auditory quality tunings, pitch rises, access to the greatest historical temperaments, AutoNote, and more. Verituner uses multi-partial tech to compute tuning that precisely matches each piano’s unique scale while eliminating laborious pre-tuning measuring tasks.


DDS GP is an app created by dental professionals to show dental issues and talk about treatment options to their patients. A dentist developed the app, which backs up DDS GP’s claim about its value when used with patients. It offers over 200 graphical examples that may be used to teach patients their dental problems and the steps necessary for therapy.


The program itself is a well-regarded medical application that is used by dental experts across the world. The software attempts to alleviate dentists’ most common pain points by enabling them to graphically express medical concerns to their patients and justify the expense of treatment. DDS GP enables dentists to make notes to demonstrations and transmit or print bespoke treatment plans.

Classic TC with WordPower

Touch Chat is a helpful interaction software for those who are unable to speak or have a thicker voice. This program has been created for people with disorders such as Down syndrome, autism, ALS, stroke, apraxia, or other illnesses that limit their ability to communicate.


The application features sophisticated features such as head tracking, built-in switch scanning, and touching a voice, making Touch Chat available to people with a variety of physical limitations.


The app’s natural language processing algorithms allow users to converse via a built-in voice synthesizer. As a result, many users may consider this more expensive program to be useful.

Pharmacotherapy Principles 6/E

Pharmacotherapy Principles 6/E is a helpful tool for medical students. This software provides users with an in-depth hold of pharmacological basics. In addition, the application features important articles authored and assessed by doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.


To make their lives easier, the app allows students to create notes and bookmarks. Users are able to modify the text size for better readability. Even though the application is expensive, medical students are likely to value it because it offers easy access to essential medical information.


The App Store offers both free and expensive mobile applications. Some get good ratings and millions of users, while others fall far behind. 


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